Scarlet Moon fortress on the front-line against Jowston
モレビア, Morebia

Region Toran
Appears in

Moravia (モレビア, Morebia) is a castle which appears in Suikoden. It is a key defensive bastion for the Scarlet Moon Empire and one of the few buildings in the region of Senan.


Moravia was built on the fringes of the Karakas Desert in 407 as the front-line defense against the City-State of Jowston, along with the Fortresses of Duha and Rakan. The castle was built in a very pragmatic fashion, with high stark walls and so lacked the frills and ornate work present in other castles. It also had monsters roaming the halls for additional security purposes.

Kasim Hazil was the lord of Moravia during the Gate Rune War, succeeding Teo McDohl as protector of the north following the latter's death. The castle was infiltrated by the Toran Liberation Army during the war to free Viktor and noted rebel sympathizer Warren from captivity.

Kasim Hazil surrendered the castle without a fight when the Jowston army was manipulated into invading the region while Moravia's forces were assisting the beleaguered Duha and Rakan fortresses, cutting the castle off from any possible rescue.

Following the war, Kasim Hazil returned to Moravia to continue protecting the northern border.


Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Elite Soldier 52 400 2800 Rage Orb
Hell Hound 50 300 700 N/A
Magus 54 300 7000 Fortune Orb
Ninja 52 450 5500 Cape of Darkness
Winged Boots
Whip Master 51 700 8000 Hex Doll
Bonsai Tree
Goddess Statue



Moravia's theme in Suikoden is the song "Gate", which is song 16 on disc 2 of the Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack. Its interior track, befitting its role in the plot, is the song "Intrusion", which is song 20 on disc 1 of the same soundtrack.

Moravia shares "Gate" as its theme with most "fortress"-style locations throughout the game, including the Fortress of Kwaba, Pannu Yakuta Castle, the Fortress of Garan, the Fortress of Lorimar, the Northern Checkpoint, and the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade.


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