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デューカス Deyūkasu

108 Stars Tenkan Star
Illustration Ohtsuki Beruno
Gender Male
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 300
From Holy Empire of Ionia
Voice Konishi Katsuyuki (Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki)

Ducas (デューカス, Deyūkasu) is a main character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. He is the uncouth but good-hearted captain in the Holy Imperial Army's 4th Branch.


If it's true that the monsters have appeared, the survival of hundreds of thousands of people will depend on whether information comes sooner or later. I won't place my manners above that.

—  Ducas

Ducas served as captain of the 1st Vanguard of the Ionian Holy Imperial Army's 4th Branch. From the Ionian countryside, he was plain-spoken and forthright, which sometimes caused misunderstandings with others. He was also known for his sound judgment and his capable leadership.

They're not a deadbeat! They're just regular dead!

As an Ionian captain, he was naturally enough a support of Ionia's objectives, though not dogmatically so. Immediately prior to the HIY 300 Teras Pharma attacks, he was ordered to Therbe Village to secure cooperation against the centennial monsters but disengaged peacefully at the Eastern Road when informed that Chief Hagar Biarki was not present.

Once the Teras Pharma appeared, Ducas intercepted the hero, Myra, and Ilia Barcai during their meet with Mayor Aaron in Schradt, escorting them under orders to the Holy City of Thaksis to report to Emperor Renefarious XIII. This also meant he was separated from the 4th Branch when the Vermilion Axe rose up and attacked the troops at Schradt.

As one of the few survivors of the 4th Branch, Ducas would travel with the hero's group as they trailed the Vermilion Axe. At Fairpeak he would use his position to obtain information from the 3rd Branch soldiers stationed there but resisted the idea of rejoining the army, not wishing to be under General Dilom Lances thumb.

More reserved than fellow spearman Ermione, the loss of the 4th Branch still affected Ducas. Hearing that Ionian soldiers were being captured by the Vermilion Axe to be fed to Teras Pharma drove him into a rage. He would attempt to bond with Ermione as survivors of their respective branches.

Although he would claim to have his "own side of the story" regarding Ionian historical atrocities, he was as willing as anyone else to accept the evidence of their misdeeds and eventually their conspiracy in propagating the Teras Pharma and the Vermilion Axe both. He did make pains to separate the actions of the Yggdrasilian Throne from its citizens and common soldiers.

Following the war, he would accompany the hero's migration caravan. At their destination, he would swap his spear for a hoe, helping to work the land and build the settlement. Myra would tease him about this, much to his chagrin.


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