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ダムディン Damudin

Illustration Ohtsuki Beruno
Gender Male
Race Scalehorde
Timeframe HIY 300
Voice Tajiri Hiroaki (Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki)

Damdin (ダムディン, Damudin) is a character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. He is General of the Holy Empire of Ionia's 1st Branch and thus the overall commander of its Steel Branches.


The Yggdrasilian Throne is the symbol of Ionia! We will not allow you to besmirch it!!

—  Damdin

Damdin was the scalehorde commander of the 1st Branch of the Holy Imperial Army and overall commander of the nation's Steel Branches in HIY 300. Known as a warrior who would live and die for his convictions, he was an old friend of Jagwan and had even been married to his sister. At some point, he forsook his family to concentrate on his duties as a general.

When the Vermilion Axe first rose up and attacked the Ionian Army at the Great Bridge, Damdin would lead the Floating Fortress of Torgia, using it to destroy a section of the bridge, cutting off the Vermilion Axe from the Ionian homeland. Following this, Damdin remained in command at Torgia while the war between the Vermilion Axe continued in the provinces.

Following events at the House of Wisdom, the hero's Company were denounced as Vermilion Axe collaborators. Torgia was ordered to advance on Schradt but would be stopped when the hero's group managed to destroy one of the fearsome fortress' engines.

As the war drew to a close, the group confronted Damdin at Torgia again, needing to sink the fortress to secure a route to the Holy City of Thaksis. Confronting one another, Damdin admitted he knew of the Yggdrasilian Throne's conspiracies but that he believed it was all necessary to secure peace and order and to stave off chaos and destruction. He also revealed that the scalehorde were a race initially created to fight the Teras Pharma.

His old friend Jagwan would be part of the team that infiltrated the Floating Fortress of Torgia. After the battle, which ended with Damdin's death, Jagwan would mourn his loss, noting that it wasn't order or chaos that had brought this fate, but Damdin's own decisions.


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