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Herbalist and devoted wife guy from 200 years ago
アモリー, Amorī
108 Stars Chisu Star

Illustration Ōtsuki Beruno
Gender Male
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 100
From Holy City of Thaksis
Family Myriel (wife)
Voice Asanuma Shintarō (HT)
Appears in

Amory (アモリー, Amorī) is a supporting character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. Amory is a young, newly-wed herbalist practicing in Port Town Nabarre.


I swear I won't get any closer than necessary to a beautiful woman like you!

—  Amory

Amory was a young herbalist from the Holy City of Thaksis. He was transferred to Port Town Nabarre just before the HIY 100 Teras Pharma conflict. While there, he fell in love at first sight with Myriel, who cooked for the Nabarre troops.

The two would marry following the war and Amory would open a private practice in Nabarre. Myriel was a talented seafood cook and the Yggdrasilian Throne's order to scuttle all ships brought the couple much distress. Because of this, when the hero and Sau Jin plotted to hide a ship on the Nabarre East Coast for future generations, Amory and Myriel agreed to help in the plot, so that in the future perhaps their descendants could enjoy the bounty of the ocean.

He also offered to teach his herbalist skills to the group, though he refused to approach Ilia Barcai as he thought the experience of passing on wisdom as a Starbearer sounded too intimate to do with a woman other than his wife. He passed on his technique to Moudi instead.

Following the end of the war, while keeping his public face as the best herbalist in Nabarre, Amory and Myriel continued to cover up the ship. In a branch of the Infinity where the chains of causality were broken, he boarded the first migrant fleet along with his wife at her request. He would become the ship's doctor when Myriel chose not to disembark on the new continent.

Game info


Following plot events at Nabarre East Coast (200 Years Ago), speak with Amory on the eastern dock with Moudi in your party. (He will refuse to teach Ilia)


Star Skill
Class Class Skill Inherit
Herbalist Light of Mercy Moudi


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