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Ionian Empress from 200 years ago
アストリッド, Asutoriddo
108 Stars Chiketsu Star

Illustration Ōtsuki Beruno
Gender Female
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 100
From Martylion
Family Renefarious IV (husband)
Voice Inoue Kikuko (HT)
Appears in

Astrid (アストリッド, Asutoriddo) is a major character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. Astrid is the noble wife of Renefarious IV and as such the Empress of the Holy Empire of Ionia.


Now bare witness! To the truth of the world!

—  Astrid

Originally a Martylion noblewoman, Astrid was chosen by Renefarious IV to be his bride. Although she knew the truth regarding Renefarious' identity, she was still willing to marry him, believing that both their duties were necessary.

During the HIY 100 Teras Pharma conflict, Astrid led the 2nd Branch at Zephtelos Fortress, which saw the fiercest fighting of the conflict. Although casualties were high and some feared the end of the world, the leadership of Astrid in the field saw the Teras Pharma soundly defeated. She would be praised as the war goddess who saved the nation.

The strength of Astrid and her comrades had a profound effect on Ionian history. Their successful routing of the Teras Pharma encouraged and emboldened those who wished to live their lives free from overt Ionian influence. This in turn led to the willing cultural suppression of the true origin of the Teras Pharma and the nature of the world outside the barrier, as well as the barrier's very existence.

When the hero traveled back to Astrid's time from HIY 300, Astrid was willing to believe his claims and helped educate him about the information that had long been forgotten by his own time. She found it harder to believe his claims regarding the Yggdrasilian Throne's conspiracies but with the able assistance of her advisors, Radnin and Maximus Zaphir, approached the situation with caution and uncovered the truth for herself.

Defeating Bazarte Lugam to stop his attempts to release further Teras Pharma outside the barrier, Astrid and her comrades would eventually breech the Yggdrasilian Palace itself, defeating the enormous Teras Fe Tys there, allowing both Thorwad Albreck and the hero to emerge victorious in their battles.

Following the defeat of the Teras Fe Tys, Astrid and Renefarious continued to play a close couple, but kept him in check, preventing him from interfering in the outside world. In a branch of the Infinity where the chains of causality were broken, she became acting Holy Emperor. Encouraging surveys and migration, she became known as the goddess who opened the nation.


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