Mazarika Zaphir

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Zaphir family swordswoman 100 years ago
Mazarika Zaphir

マザリカ・ザフィール Mazarika Zafīru

108 Stars Chii Star¹
Mazarika Zaphir.png
Illustration Ōtsuki Beruno
Gender Female
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 200
Family Machia (descendant)
Maximus (ancestor)
Voice Yoshida Seiko (Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki)

Mazarika Zaphir (マザリカ・ザフィール, Mazarika Zafīru) is a supporting character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. She is the head of the Zaphir family in the year 200, one hundred years in the past.


The swordsman of the Zaphir family dedicates one's sword only to the homeland, Ionia, and His Majesty the Emperor.

—  Mazarika Zaphir

Mazarika was the wife of the head Ionian noble Zaphir family in the year HIY 200. She was a descendant of Maximus and the ancestor of Machia. As a swordsman of the Zaphir house, Mazarika was trained in the Blue Flash Style swordsmanship. She held more influence than her husband, due to his being an in-law.

She fought with the Holy Imperial Army against the Teras Pharma at Tios Fortress. As a warrior, she was expressionless on the battlefield, not wasting a fraction of her attention on idle talk or boasting. She fought ruthlessly but also calmly. She desired to fight alongside and against Thorwad Albreck, as his swordsmanship was also based on the Blue Flash Style.

Following that battle, she journeyed to Perie Grove, accompanied only by her attendant, Nima. Although she told others the purpose was to recuperate from the battle, she had actually traveled there in order to train herself mentally, so as to curb her desire to engage in personal battles rather than acting strictly as the sword of the Empire.

She would agree to train the hero in the Blue Flash Style also. Learning something of their situation, she would wryly note that by the time the hero would use the techniques she passed on, she would be long dead. Once her training was complete, she curtly dismissed the hero, so as not to be tempted at the prospect of a duel.

After the death of Renefarious, the Holy Emperor, Mazarika would lead the Order of the Gilded Leaf, working with Berenique Nobilious to rebuild the nation.


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