Dilom Lances

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Dilom Lances

ディロム・ランツェス Diromu Rantsuesu

Dilom Lances.png
Illustration Ohtsuki Beruno
Gender Male
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 300
Voice Kijima Ryūichi (Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki)

Dilom Lances (ディロム・ランツェス, Diromu Rantsuesu) is a supporting character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. He is the competent but callous general of the Holy Imperial Army's 3rd Branch.


Our mission is to suppress the Vermilion Axe, not to rescue some village in the outer provinces.

—  Dilom Lances

Commander of the 3rd branch of the Holy Imperial Army of Ionia, Dilom Lances came from a prestigious noble family and was known to be skilled in military affairs.

However, his aristocratic nature led him to look down on common folk and so he was not well-liked by his subordinates. Scharff noted that he made his soldiers dine on sub-standard food while demanding fine Ionian cuisine be prepared for himself.

Overseeing the western provinces, the hero first encountered Lances in Fairpeak, where the 3rd Branch were establishing control in order to fight the Vermilion Axe. After returning from Mt. Hioni, the group would be taken and questioned by Dilom about their actions.

Dilom would thank the group for their actions, noting that the information brought confirmed the Vermilion Axe's movements. However, he also noted that his mission was to defeat the Vermilion Axe, not to protect the provincial villages. He also demanded the group cease their activities, dismissing them as childish and rash.

Following this, Lances would abandon Fairpeak, moving the 3rd Branch south, to Martylion. Camping in the ruins of the city, he intended to use the Vermilion Axe's rage to bait them into an attack. However, already frustrated by his forces inability to locate the enemy force, Lances was outmaneuvered. The Vermilion Axe had planned for him to make such a ploy and had hidden their forces across the river. Being unfamiliar with ships, the 3rd Branch made no efforts to scout across bodies of water.

Suddenly surrounded and having to fight a battalion of Vermilion Axe soldiers as well as their Teras Pharma, the 3rd Branch would be completely wiped out in the ensuing battle. According to a retreating soldier, General Lances was killed in the fray.


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