Berenique Nobilious

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Knowledgable magician from 100 years ago
Berenique Nobilious
ベレニケ・ノビリオス, Berenike Nobiriosu
108 Stars Chisyu Star¹

Illustration Ōtsuki Beruno
Gender Female
Race Human
Timeframe HIY 200
From Holy City of Thaksis
Family Nolbanos (ancestor)
Voice Kanda Mika (HT)
Appears in

Berenique Nobilious (ベレニケ・ノビリオス, Berenike Nobiriosu) is a supporting character in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. Berenqiue is a magician who fought against the Teras Pharma at Tios Fortress 100 years ago.


But look at this kid's eyes. They're just like Thorwad's. I'm sure he's his descendant.

—  Berenique Nobilious

Originally from the Holy City of Thaksis, Berenique Nobilious was an instructor in the Holy Imperial Army's magic corps before being assigned to the Tios Fortress frontline during the HIY 200 Teras Pharma conflict.

During the war, Tios Fortress was manned by both the Holy Imperial Army and Warrg's Martylion Volunteer Army. Berenique's leadership would keep relations between the two amicable and Warrg came to greatly respect and trust her. Afterwards, Berenique continued to reside at Tios Fortress.

The hero originally travelled to see Berenique in the hopes of finding out more information about the Teras Pharma historically. Sorry that she was unable to provide much extra information, Berenique would offer to teach her skills. She would also encourage the Company to make contact with Mazarika Zaphir and also to investigate Zephtelos Fortress. She had great trust in the abilities of the hero and his comrades.

Following the fall of the barrier, Berenique swiftly returned to Thaksis and immediately disbanded the Mountain Roots before seizing power and advocating emigration and the liberation of technology. She was quickly supported by other elements of the Ionian hierarchy, including House Liuis and Mazarika Zaphir. In the branch of the Infinity where Renefarious continued to reign, she would work alongside Mazarika, curtailing the influence of Renefarious and the Mountain Roots.


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