House of Wisdom

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House of Wisdom

叡智の館 Eichi no Yakata

Type Facility
Nation Holy Empire of Ionia

The House of Wisdom (叡智の館, Eichi no Yakata) is a location in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki.


The House of Wisdom was a facility located atop Mt. Plegate in inner Ionia. It was originally an ancient building, predating the foundation of the Holy Empire of Ionia. In the past it served as a Teras Pharma research and incubation facility. In HIY 100, Nolbanos Nobilious claimed that Teras Pharma were kept there to study and identify weaknesses but in later years, the facility would be used to propagate Teras Pharma once their numbers outside the barrier began to deplete.

HIY c.280 saw a Teras Pharma escape from the House of Wisdom and attack Martylion to the north. The Ionian Army's efforts to contain the beast before it could propagate further resulted in the complete razing of the city and the population trapped within. The origin of the Teras Pharma was successfully hidden and the House of Wisdom itself remained a secret, rumored to exist only by very few.

In HIY 300, Aaron Barcai, leader of the Vermilion Axe would find his way to the House of Wisdom, uncovering the Yggdrasilian Throne's manipulation of the Vermilion Axe and Ionian society to maintain their rule. Enraged, he would unleash the Teras Pharma contained within, forcing Rochelle Kollek to self-destruct the facility to prevent their rampage across all Ionia.

In the face of this loss, the Yggdrasilian Throne would use the Era Tree to change history, either moving the House of Wisdom's facilities to the Tower of Zoe, or always using the tower instead. As such, the House of Wisdom was never destroyed but was an abandoned, dusty ruin from ancient times.

Still, the members of the Company and Quinelia Liuis, who had been near an Era Tree at the time of the change would remember the House of Wisdom's original purpose and its fate.


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