Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 5

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Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 5

幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 5 Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 5

Suikoden III The Successor of Fate 5.png
Illustration Shimizu Aki
Author Shimizu Aki
Publisher Japan.gif Media Factory
United States.gif Tokyopop
Released Japan.gif November 23, 2003
United States.gif February, 2005
ISBN Japan.gif 4-8401-0909-5
United States.gif 1-595324-356
Price Japan.gif ¥667
United States.gif $9.99
Pages 164
Predecessor Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 4
Successor Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 6

Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 5 (幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 5, Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 5) is the fifth volume of the licensed manga adaptation of Suikoden III published by Media Factory between 2002 and 2006.

This volume would be published by Tokyopop in the United States, with an extra two pages summarizing the story thus far.

The fifth volume covers the early parts of the game's Chapter 4 with some significant differences.


Geddoe attempts to fight off Yuber and Sarah as Hugo deliberates on inheriting the True Fire Rune. Geddoe fights fiercely but, unable to use his True Lightning Rune in such a confined space, is eventually overwhelmed, only for Hugo to strike back using the True Fire Rune. Having failed in their mission, Yuber and Sarah retreat. Hugo collapses, overwhelmed by the rune's power and the visions it imparts.

Hugo awakes to Geddoe's wounds being treated by his 12th Unit colleagues. Geddoe then shares the story of his True Lightning Rune and his friendship with the Flame Champion. He almost imparts a dire warning to Hugo; as the True Fire Rune appears to have a will of its own, it will try and force its bearer to use it. If left to run amok, it would cause untold destruction. Geddoe tells Hugo that he must now accept the title of Flame Champion and then he will act as Hugo's rod and shield if need be.

That owl is a spy!

Meanwhile, in Chisha Village the Harmonian and Grassland armies are in a stalemate. The clan chiefs decide on a night attack on the Harmonian camp, much to the consternation of Caesar Silverberg. In the Harmonian camp, Franz tries to rally his comrades who were shaken by their previous encounter but fails. Even if they don't believe in the Flame Champion, they also don't believe they'll ever be accepted as Harmonians.

The Lizard Clan begins their night raid but it is immediately apparent that the Harmonians have anticipated the attack. The Lizard Clan take great casualties under arrow fire before quickly retreating. Sasarai commends Albert Silverberg on his excellent strategy. Knowing it likely that the Harmonians will now attack at dawn, and with the failed raid having plummeted morale, Lucia announces that the Flame Champion will be returning eminently to Chisha Village, and they need merely hold out until then.

The next day, Lucia demands a face-to-face meeting with Sasarai before battle. Sasarai offers to withdraw his forces and even sign a new treaty if the Flame Champion is handed over. Of course, Lucia refuses. The Grasslanders begin their attack but Sasarai's True Earth Rune is enough to deflect their efforts. Sasarai then withdraws, satisfied that the Flame Champion is not present. The Harmonian Army swiftly overwhelms the outnumbered Grassland forces. A full retreat is ordered; the Grassland forces will withdraw to Duck Clan lands.

In Vinay del Zexay, the Zexen Council endlessly deliberate which side to take between Harmonia and the Grassland. Salome Harras acts passively but is in reality shoring up evidence of Harmonian collusion within the council. Speaking with his colleagues in the Zexen Knights, he also stresses the necessity of allowing the Grasslanders to know defeat before possibly allying with them; they will not let go of their old grudges otherwise.

The Council, now wary of Salome, attempt to dismiss him by ordering him to Budehuc Castle. Instead, Salome begins his coup. Presenting (faked, as the originals had all been burned) proof of collusion within the Zexen Council, the Zexen Knights assert authority over the council while they investigate individual council members. Now free to act, the Zexen Knights prepare for battle.

Differences from the game

  • The Masked Man does not appear at the Flame Champion's Hideaway as he does in the game. Nor do Chris, her allies, or Hugo's allies. Only Geddoe's comrades make it to the fray.
  • In the game, the heroes at the Flame Champion's Hideaway quickly make their way to Chisha Village and participate in its defense. In the manga, the journey is a lot more arduous and so Hugo, Geddoe, and the SFDF do not arrive in time.
  • Because of the above, in the original game there is no parlay between Lucia and Sasarai.
  • The Lizard Clan abortive night raid only happens in the manga. This is also true of the argument between Franz and his fellow mantor-riders.
  • The Zexen Army's lack of participation also only happens in the manga. Though cooperation is significantly lacking between them and the Grasslanders, they do both fight the Harmonian invasion.
  • Connected to the previous point, Chris Lightfellow is present for the Chisha Village battle in the game. In the manga, she and Nash have already left.
  • Salome Harras' audacious coup in Vinay del Zexay is mostly a manga invention. Though there are references to efforts to stymie Harmonian collaborationists in the game, the Zexen Council is mostly presented as a body too tied up in deliberation to make quick decisions, allowing the Zexen Knights to act independently.


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