Genso Suikoden Caravelle

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2001 manga release
Genso Suikoden Caravelle
幻想水滸伝 カラベル, Gensōsuikoden Karaberu

Illustration Suzuki Rika
Author Various
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Released December 20, 2001
ISBN 4-04-853441-6-C0979
Price ¥580
Pages 152
Predecessor Genso Suikoden Brunch

Genso Suikoden Caravelle (幻想水滸伝 カラベル, Gensōsuikoden Karaberu) is a licensed manga anthology published by Kadokawa Shoten in 2001.


Genso Suikoden Caravelle is the third and final manga collection published by Kadokawa Shoten. Like the others, it is a collection of unconnected manga, mostly humorous, some serious, centered around the general time period of Suikoden II, allowing it to include returning Suikoden characters such as McDohl as well as events from Genso Suikogaiden Volumes 1 & 2.

Compared to its predecessor, Genso Suikoden Brunch, Caravelle takes a more serious tone. Although most of the stories are comedic, several cover more somber moments as well. This volume features eight pages of color artwork (and one additional black-and-white picture). The usual end volume messages from the mangaka is preceded by an information section; a series of promotions for various Suikoden games and soundtracks which was also present in Alliance.


Page # Title Author/Illustrator
11 A Good Night's Sleep
安眠の夜, Anmin no Yoru
Suzuki Rika
19 Signpost ~Nanami's Situation~
道標~ナナミの場合~, Michishirube ~Nanami no Baai~
Omishi Rei
27 Where the Wind Blows
風の着く場所, Kaze no Tsuku Basho
Yashioka Shō
31 Home is Love (?) When!
本拠地は愛(?)いつぱい!, Honkyochi wa Ai ( ? ) Itsupai!>
Ryūki Ramiyū
41 Flik's Circumstances
フリックの事情, Furikku no Jijō
Kamimura Yukiko
49 Seriously? Victory or Defeat
真剣? 勝負, Shinken? Shōbu
Takanagi Yūna
57 True Adonis Attack
真・美青年攻撃, Shin Miseinen Kōgeki
Andō Yoshiki & Amano Shō
65 Examine Our Desires
想いは調べにのせて, Omoi wa Shirabe ni Nosete
Ishikawa Mushi
77 The Night Before the Battle
決戦前夜, Kessen Zenya
Hozumi Riya
85 Bacchan and Me
ばっちゃんとわたし, Batchan to Watashi
93 One Light
ひとつの灯, Hitotsu no Akari
105 Hang On, The End!? Flying Squirrel Corps
ガンバレはりきり!?ムササビ隊, Ganbare Harikiri!? Musasabi-tai
Yakujyo Saya
113 Looking for Mr. Bear
くまさんを捜せ, Kuma-san o Sagase
Furutori Yayoi
125 Leader What-If
もしもリーダー, Moshimo Rīdā
Sakurazawa Rin
131 True Scenario Vol.2
真のシナりオ(?) Vol.2, Shin no Shinario (?) Vol.2
Yashioka Shō


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