Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 2

2002 manga volume release
Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 2
幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 2, Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 2
Suikoden III The Successor of Fate 2.png
Illustration Shimizu Aki
Author Shimizu Aki
Publisher Japan.gif Media Factory
United States.gif Tokyopop
Released Japan.gif December 31, 2002
United States.gif July, 2004
ISBN Japan.gif 4-8401-0473-5
United States.gif 1-59182-766-3
Price Japan.gif ¥667
United States.gif $9.99
Pages 164
Predecessor Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 1
Successor Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 3

Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 2 (幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 2, Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 2) is the second volume of the licensed manga adaptation of Suikoden III published by Media Factory between 2002 and 2006.

This volume would be published by Tokyopop in the United States, with an extra page summarizing the story thus far. The color pages from the original Japanese manga would be printed in black and white for the Tokyopop edition of this volume.

The second volume roughly covers parts of Chris Lightfellow's Chapter 2 scenario, Hugo's Chapter 2 and parts of his Chapter 3 scenario, Geddoe's continuing Chapter 1 scenario, and glosses over Thomas' Chapter 1 scenario from the Suikoden III game.


Chris Lightfellow, having collapsed following the battle, awakens only to learn that Salome has been attempting to block the Zexen Council's aggressive intentions.

Meanwhile, at the Great Hollow, the regrouping Karayans learn about how Chris apparently led the Zexen Knights in the attack that killed Chief Zepon, a seeming impossibility given her presence at the truce agreement. Hugo and Sgt. Joe soon arrive and relay Lulu's death to his mother, Luce, and all mourn the loss.

Geddoe's group (and Aila) fend off a monster attack while ruminating on the razing of the Karaya Village. Geddoe eventually decides to return to Caleria, the Southern Frontier Defense Force base, for more information.

Hugo sneaks off from the Great Hollow alone in the hopes of revenge. Meanwhile, Chris and Percival travel to Iksay Village for a brief respite. There, Chris meets the mysterious Nash Clovis who warns of an impending attack on the village by the Karaya and Lizard Clans.

Don't worry, kid. I'm sure YOU can solo this encounter.

In the ensuing attack, Chris and Lucia duel but the result is inconclusive as Nash interrupts, dragging himself and Chris off a cliff and into the river below, escaping. Having surfaced, Nash reveals he has been searching for Chris' father, Wyatt Lightfellow.

At Budehuc Castle, Hugo has been working chores for Thomas in order to earn his keep when he notices Chris has also arrived. The Zexen Knights soon follow and Salome and Nash converse, agreeing that Chris should indeed search for Wyatt, as they prepare for a much larger foe than either Zexen or the Grassland could handle.

Their agreement is interrupted as Hugo attacks Chris in a rage, seeking vengeance. Chris handily defeats Hugo and spares him, only for the youth to quickly attack again. Thomas manages to step between the two at great personal risk and the knights take their leave, as Hugo sinks to the ground in despair.

At the end of the volume, Jimba's identity as Wyatt Lightfellow is revealed in a conversation with Sana about breaking a seal. At the same time, the Ancient Highway sees four mysterious figures attempt to break a seal of their own and fail before leaving, a Masked Man remarking that they have an appointment to keep.

Differences from the game

  • Hugo's Chapter 2 scenario is almost completely excised from the manga. There is no encounter with or appearance from Lilly Pendragon, nor does his party traverse the Ancient Highway to reach the Great Hollow.
  • There is no skirmish outside the Great Hollow between the Zexen Knights and Grassland forces in the manga, unlike in the game. The Zexen Council give such an order but Salome Harras rejects it out of hand.
  • Jimba is not present in the Great Hollow in the manga, he has already left. Thus, he is not the one to advise Hugo to visit Budehuc Castle to follow the trail of the Flame Champion. Instead, Hugo enters Zexen alone seeking revenge and happenstance takes him to Budehuc.
  • Chris Lightfellow's fainting spell takes place after the initial battle that resulted in the razing of the Karaya Village, not the skirmish outside the Great Hollow, which has been excised from the manga.
  • Nash Clovis is slightly more forthcoming about his knowledge and motivations than his in-game counterpart.
  • Jimba is not present at the Grassland attack on Iksay Village and so does not tell Chris to find the Flame Champion in order to find her father. The possibility of Wyatt being alive is instead brought up by Nash.
  • The plan for Chris to leave to find her father with Nash's assistance is conceived at Budehuc Castle. In the game, this plan is formulated at Brass Castle.
  • Hugo's duel with Chris takes place immediately after Chris' plan to search for Wyatt, not after Chris' journey nor after the Zexen Council attack on Budehuc Castle, which has not occurred yet either in the manga.
  • Thomas's Chapter 1 is completely omitted, and Thomas is shown to have taken to his role as castle lord, with the support and confidence of his friends there.
  • Jimba's true identity as Wyatt Lightfellow is revealed at the end of the volume. In the game, this is not confirmed until much later.


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