Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 1

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Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 1

幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 1 Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 1

Suikoden III The Successor of Fate 1.png
Illustration Shimizu Aki
Author Shimizu Aki
Publisher Japan.gif Media Factory
United States.gif Tokyopop
Released Japan.gif September 30, 2002
United States.gif May, 2004
ISBN Japan.gif 4-8401-0464-6
United States.gif 1-59182-765-5
Price Japan.gif ¥667
United States.gif $9.99
Pages 164
Successor Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 2

Suikoden III: The Successor of Fate 1 (幻想水滸伝III -運命の継承者- 1, Gensōsuikoden III Unmei no Keishō-sha 1) is the first volume of the licensed manga adaptation of Suikoden III published by Media Factory between 2002 and 2006. It was the first manga adaptation of a game in the Suikoden series. Previous games had received adaptations in the form of light novels.

This manga series would also be the first Suikoden series publication to be localized into English outside of Japan. It would be published by Tokyopop in the United States, with extra pages of text explaining the setting and story of the first two Suikoden games.

The first volume roughly covers the events of each of the three main characters in their Chapter 1 scenarios in the Suikoden III game, culminating with the razing of the Karaya Village.


Don't worry, kid. I'm sure you can solo this encounter.

The manga begins with two prologues. The first shows how the young Hugo first bonded with the baby Fubar, with Fubar eventually earning the respect of the Karaya Clan by saving the young Karayan from a wolf attack. The second depicts Chris Lightfellow's struggles gaining the respect of her comrades due to their sexism, the support and guidance she receives from Captain Galahad and eventually her stepping into the role as commander of the Zexen Knights following Galahad's death in battle.

In the present, Hugo and Lulu are chosen to represent the Karaya Clan as they attempt to negotiate a truce with the Zexen Federation. In Vinay del Zexay, a suspicious stranger enquires as to the whereabouts of Chris' father, Wyatt, as she deals with the pressures of the Zexen Council. At the Karaya Village, Geddoe and the 12th unit of the Southern Frontier Defense Force arrive only to be accosted by Aila.

In Vinay del Zexay, Hugo's group deliver their message only to rebuffed and that evening narrowly evade capture by the Zexen Knights. Meanwhile, a truce meeting between Zexen and the Six Clans quickly breaks down into warfare when it is revealed that Zepon, chief of the Lizard Clan, has been murdered by the knights.

Surrounded and already sustaining heavy losses, Chris' knights attempt to break through by razing the Karaya village. Geddoe's group, and Aila, are too far from the village to intervene. Hugo and Lulu return to the village just in time to witness the apparent massacre of the Karayans and, enraged, Lulu attacks Chris. Chris reacts instinctively, cutting the youth down, killing him instantly.

The next day, in the smoldering ruins of the village, Hugo breaks down in tears as the survivors from the battle begin to bury the dead.

Differences from the game

  • Neither prologue is shown in-game, however Chris' is based on in-game dialogue, whereas Hugo's is entirely created for the manga.
  • Jimba does not request that Hugo deliver a talisman to the Lightfellow household. Jimba leaves the village on an errand after hearing about suspicious strangers conversing in the woods from Hugo and Lulu.
  • Hugo's party does not interact with Chris' group at Brass Castle.
  • Hugo's party does not interact with Alanis, Elliot, and Melville in Vinay del Zexay.
  • Chris Lightfellow's meeting with the Zexen Council is not shown but is referred to. Nor is her meeting with Dupa at Brass Castle.
  • Yuber attempts to locate Wyatt Lightfellow by subterfuge at the Lightfellow household. This does not happen in the game.
  • Geddoe's party first appear in the Karaya Village, not Vinay del Zexay. Nor do they travel to the Great Hollow to converse with Zepon.
  • As Jimba has left the village, Geddoe is unable to speak with him. In the game, the two have a brief, cryptic, conversation.
  • Sarah does not appear in the Karaya Village to try and encourage people to leave before it is razed.
  • Aila and Geddoe's group visit the graveyard of Karayan warriors, placing them far from the village when it is attacked. In the game, the group chase Sarah when she leaves the village, retreat back to the village to find it under attack, and withdraw, knowing nothing can be done.
  • Chris does not see her father's suit of armor in the Karaya Village and so does not presume it to be a stolen war trophy.


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