Genso Suikoden Music Collection Produced by Haneda Kentarō

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2002 CD arrangement release
Genso Suikoden Music Collection Produced by Haneda Kentarō
幻想水滸伝 音楽集 Produced by 羽田健太郎, Gensōsuikoden Ongakushū Produced by Haneda Kentarō

CD case cover
Catalog No. KMCA-143
Publisher Konami Music Entertainment
Released April 24, 2002
Price ¥3059
Format 1 CD
Producer Haneda Kentarō

The Genso Suikoden Music Collection Produced by Haneda Kentarō (幻想水滸伝 音楽集 Produced by 羽田健太郎, Gensōsuikoden Ongakushū Produced by Haneda Kentarō) is an arrangement album release containing songs from the first three main titles of the Suikoden series.


This soundtrack was released on April 24, 2002. With no re-releases or reprints, the only opportunity to purchase this soundtrack is through online resellers. It was part of a limited series called KONAMI Game Meets The Famous Artists Collection.

Haneda Kentarō was a composer and arranger for popular anime and video game soundtracks, particularly in the 1980s. This was one of his rare projects from after the early 90s. He would pass away from liver cancer on June 2, 2007 at the age of 58.

Track List

# Track name Duration
1 Into a World of Illusion (from Genso Suikoden)
幻想の世界へ, Gensō no Sekai E
2 Inspecting the Palace (from Genso Suikoden)
王宮の調べ, Ōkyū no Shirabe
3 Captured City (from Genso Suikoden II)
囚われた街, Torawareta Machi
4 Gothic Neclord (from Genso Suikoden II)
Gothic Neclord, Gothic Neclord
5 Sorrow (from Genso Suikoden)
悲しみのテーマ, Kanashimi no Tēma
6 Beautiful Morning (from Genso Suikoden II)
Beautiful Morning, Beautiful Morning
7 Crossing the Mountain (from Genso Suikoden III)
山越え, Yamagoe
8 Harvest Festival (from Genso Suikoden III)
豊穣祭, Hōjōsai
9 Reminiscence (from Genso Suikoden II)
回想, Kaisō
10 Avertunerio Antes Lance Mao ~The War Is Over~ (from Genso Suikoden)
Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao~戦いは終わった~, Avertuneiro Antes Lance Mao ~Tatakai wa Owatta~


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