Genso Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~

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2010 CD arrangement release
Genso Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~
幻想水滸伝 アレンジコレクション Vol.2 ~ケルティック&エイジアン~, Gensōsuikoden Arenji Korekushon Vol.2 ~ Kerutikku & Eijian~
Genso Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 Celtic & Asian insert cover.png
CD case cover
Catalog No. LC-1803
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Released Japan.gif March 19, 2010
Price ¥3000
Format 1 CD
Producer Kamei Junichi
Director Kusakabe Koh

The Genso Suikoden Arrange Collection Vol.2 ~Celtic & Asian~ (幻想水滸伝 アレンジコレクション Vol.2 ~ケルティック&エイジアン~, Gensōsuikoden Arenji Korekushon Vol.2 ~ Kerutikku & Eijian) is an arrangement album release containing songs from the first six main titles of the Suikoden series.


This soundtrack was released on March 19, 2010 and was only available through Konami's Konamistyle web store. With no re-releases or reprints, the only opportunity to purchase this soundtrack is through online resellers.

The songs alternate between Celtic and Asian arrangements, with each game in the series having one song in each style. As such, songs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 are in Celtic arrangement. Meanwhile, songs 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 are in Asian arrangement.

Track List

# Track name Duration
1 Into a World of Illusion (from Genso Suikoden)
幻想の世界へ, Gensō no Sekai E
2 Touching Theme (from Genso Suikoden)
感動のテーマ, Kandō no Tēma
3 Even Further (from Genso Suikoden II)
もっと遠くへ, Mottotōkuhe
4 Every Day Is a Carnival (from Genso Suikoden II)
毎日がカーニバル, Mainichi ga Kānibaru
5 Triumphant Return (from Genso Suikoden III)
凱旋, Gaisen
6 Cheerful Farm Village (from Genso Suikoden III)
明るい農村, Akarui Nōson
7 Epilogue ~For the 108 Stars~ (from Genso Suikoden IV)
エピローグ~108星のために~, Epirōgu ~108 Hoshi no tame ni~
8 The Meaning of Heritage (from Genso Suikoden IV)
継承の意味, Keishō no Imi
9 The River and the Sun (from Genso Suikoden V)
大河と太陽, Taiga to Taiyō
10 A Tragic Request (from Genso Suikoden V)
悲愴な願い, Hisōna Negai
11 The Plain and the Sky (from Genso Suikoden Tierkreis)
平原と空, Heigen to Sora
12 To the World! (from Genso Suikoden Tierkreis)
世界へ!, Sekai e!


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