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エイジ Eiji

Illustration Okashila.
Gender Male
Race Human

Eiji (エイジ, Eiji) is a character in Genso Suikoden Short Story Collection 1. He is an orphan in Gregminster who aided Gremio during the War of Succession.


Eiji was a slight youth, around 12 or 13 years old when Gremio met him during the War of Succession. His cheeks were skinny, his eyes were big, and his skin was heavily tanned from the sun. He wore tattered, light blue striped clothes.

Eiji was the son of a former mercenary, who had long since retired, and they and his mother lived in a small room in Gregminster, making ends meet at an armor store in the city. When the War of Succession broke out, bandits came to their home to loot and Eiji's parents were killed resisting. Since then, Eiji had been used as a slave by the bandits.

When Gremio sneaked into Gregminster to track down the abducted McDohl, Eiji rescued him from a guard, hurling a brick from his third story room, knocking him out. Sympathetic but blunt and a little cheeky, Eiji agreed to help Gremio in return for being introduced to Teo McDohl and help in finding work.

Overhearing that McDohl was to be moved to Sarady, Eiji and Gremio managed to escape Gregminster. Stealing two horses from the bandits, Eiji was able to use a Flaming Arrows spell scroll he had also pilfered in the escape. Once the fight broke out with McDohl's captors in Sarady, Eiji helped by masterfully using his slingshot, striking the foreheads of any bandits moving in on Gremio with his supply of acorns.

Following the rescue, Eiji would be the one who would inform General Teo of the news, galvanizing his forces before the decisive battle at the Fortress of Kwaba.


  • Sometimes localized as "Age". Eiji is a common Japanese name.


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