Borah Atkins

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Borah Atkins

ボーラ・アトキン Bōra Atokin

Unknown (Suikoden II PC).png
Gender Male
Race Sindar

Borah Atkins (ボーラ・アトキン, Bōra Atokin), usually written as Dr. Borah Atkins (ボーラ・アトキン博士, Bōra Atokin Hakase) is a character who appears in supplemental materials concerning Suikoden. He was a Sindar engineer.


Borah Atkins was said to have been a member of the Sindar and an engineer. His work in the field makes him well regarded as the founder of alchemy.


His name is more commonly localized as Bora Atkins. There's very little difference, save for Borah being far more common as a person's name, as opposed to Bora, which is more frequently used as a location name.


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