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アディ Adi

Unknown (Suikoden II PC).png
Gender Female
Race Human

Adi (アディ, Adi) is a character in Genso Suikoden Short Story Collection 2. She was a Dragon Knight and comrade of Joshua Levenheit.


Adi was a 4th class Dragon Knight and who served prior to the War of Succession. She was also a friend of Joshua Levenheit and was considered an excellent knight, although she was sometimes haughty and hot-tempered. She was the rider of the dragon Sterling.

One day while flying on a reconnaissance mission, Adi and Sterling were shot down by guards at the Northern Checkpoint who mistook Sterling for a monster and Adi died in the fall. Following this, Sterling turned into a Zombie Dragon to protect Adi's body but was defeated by Joshua and Humphrey Mintz, who then buried her body.


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