Astral Predications

Prophecies commissioned by the Scarlet Moon Empire
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The Astral Predications (星見の結果, Hoshimi no Kekka, Stargazing Results) are a key item in Suikoden. They were localized as the Astral Conclusions in the 1996 English localization of Suikoden.


And so, job completed, we never saw Leknaat again.

The Astral Predications were a list of annual predictions made by Leknaat in her role as Seer of the Scarlet Moon Empire. They were trusted by the Empire as Leknaat's astrological skill was considered to be closer to prophecy than fortune-telling, such was her ability. Although in actuality Luc was often responsible for writing the predications.

Leknaat stated that the Astral Predications were not fact but were merely the "flow" of events for the upcoming year that could be misinterpreted, mistaken or changed entirely by people. Despite this, the readings were considered of importance to the Empire. Generally, the readings described such thing as the condition of the grain crop and the outbreak of epidemics, and the Empire used such results to set its policies for the year.

Assigned to the Imperial Guard, the first mission given to the hero was to get this result from Recknart on the Magician's Island. The Astral Predications were retrieved and delivered to the Imperial Guard. The Astral Predications did not give any forewarning of the Gate Rune War which was soon to erupt as Leknaat felt panicking the Imperial government would serve no purpose.

It is unknown if Leknaat continued making predictions yearly for the Empire during the war prior to its fall.

Other languages and releases

Japanese 星見の結果
Japanese romaji Hoshimi no Kekka
Chinese simplified (HDR) 占星结果
Chinese traditional (HDR) 占星結果
Chinese pinyin Zhānxīng jiéguǒ
English (S1) Astral Conclusions
English (HDR) Astral Predications
French Prédictions astrales
German Astrologische Deutungen
Italian Profezie Astrali
Spanish Lecturas Estelares


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