A Not-So-Graceful Day for Master Milich

Short story published in Genso Suikoden Short Story Collection 1
A Not-So-Graceful Day for Master Milich
ミルイヒ様の優雅でない一日, Miruihi-sama no Yūgadenai Tsuitachi

Illustration Kanna Takashi
Author Mori Riri
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Released August 25, 2000
ISBN 4-8402-1494-8
Pages 28
Predecessor Amidst the Confetti
Successor Silver Ending, Golden Beginning

A Not-So-Graceful Day for Master Milich (ミルイヒ様の優雅でない一日, Miruihi-sama no Yūgadenai Tsuitachi) is a short story written by Mori Riri and illustrated by Kanna Takashi, published in Genso Suikoden Short Story Collection 1 in 2000.

The story tells of Milich Oppenheimer's cats and briefly covers the general's first meeting with Windy. It is unique in being the only short story in the collection narrated in the first person. It is also the only story in the collection to focus on non-sapient characters.


Milich Oppenheimer's cat Ruth Demongeot ruminates on his past, being adopted as a mongrel prior to the War of Succession and his whirlwind romance and frequent squabbles with his wife, Mille Feuille, who was taken in after the war.

The cause of their latest spat was Ruth Demongeot's callous comments regarding Mille Feuille's figure, causing her to storm off. This all takes place against the backdrop of Milich tending to his flowers, including his Madame Borgia strain, and preparing for an audience with Emperor Barbarosa Rugner.

Preparing Milich's new outfit, his servants Andre and Pierre discovers that Mille Feuille has given birth on his brand-new hat, her "lost figure" actually having been a sign of her pregnancy. Rather than showing anger, Milich coos endlessly over the kittens before taking the hat and rushing to his appointment.

Mille Feuille announces her intention to divorce Ruth Demongeot but then decides to postpone proceedings until the litter is weaned and the two reconcile. Following this, Ruth Demongeot follows Milich, trying to warn his master of his disheveled appearance but to no avail. Upon returning from a brief appointment, Milich realizes how he looks and falls ill for two days from sheer mortification.

Later, Milich is introduced to Windy and Ruth Demongeot is immediately suspicious of the magician, remarking she looks like his wife when she was spoiling for a fight.


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