Silver Ending, Golden Beginning

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Silver Ending, Golden Beginning

おわりの銀、はじまりの金 Owari no Gin, Hajimari no Kin

Silver Ending, Golden Beginning 1.png
Illustration Ishida Ran
Author Taki Mugare
Publisher Japan.gif Kadokawa Shoten
Released Japan.gif August 25, 2000
ISBN Japan.gif 4-8402-1494-8
Pages 42
Predecessor A Not-So-Graceful Day for Master Milich
Successor The Sky, the Smoke, and the Ferns

Silver Ending, Golden Beginning (おわりの銀、はじまりの金, Owari no Gin, Hajimari no Kin) is a short story written by Taki Mugare and illustrated by Ishida Ran, published in Genso Suikoden Short Story Collection 1 in 2000.

The story tells of Sydonia's discovery by the group that would become known as the Mt. Seifu bandits and how Varkas became the leader of the group after being betrayed by his childhood friend.


Varkas serves as second-in-command of a bandit group, under his childhood friend, Guin. After another successful caravan raid, Varkas discovers a youth, Sydonia, hiding and takes him into captivity. Over time, Varkas and his friend Lee, earn Sydonia's trust and learn about his teleportation powers as well as the shock collar that keeps him in check.

Eventually, Lee is able to remove the collar while Varkas has to deal with Guin's increasingly despotic attitude. Guin's paranoia begins to lead to arguments between the two, culminating in Guin recruiting Hodai, the group's apothecary, in an attempt to poison Varkas.

Tricked into drinking the poison, Varkas is severely weakened and at Guin's mercy when Sydonia leaps to his rescue, grabbing Guin and preventing him from striking a mortal blow. Varkas is then able to shake off the effects enough to strike Guin down, with no member of the bandits attempting to save his life.

Hodai is then forced to prepare an antidote, Varkas recovers and becomes the new leader of the bandits, with Sydonia by his side.


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