Genso Suikoden IV Official Guide Complete Edition

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2004 game guide release
Genso Suikoden IV Official Guide Complete Edition
幻想水滸伝IV 公式ガイドコンプリートエディション, Gensōsuikoden IV Kōshiki Gaido Konpurīto Edishon

Dust sleeve cover
Publisher Konami
Released December 21, 2004
ISBN 4-86155-022-X
Price ¥1619
Pages 576
Predecessor Genso Suikoden IV Complete Guide First Edition

The Genso Suikoden IV Official Guide Complete Edition (幻想水滸伝IV 公式ガイドコンプリートエディション, Gensōsuikoden IV Kōshiki Gaido Konpurīto Edishon) is a game guidebook published and sold by Konami in 2004.

It is a game guide book that covers gameplay information for Suikoden IV. It also contains lore and world information, though it is not the main focus of the book.


The Genso Suikoden IV Official Guide Complete Edition is divided into nine main sections, which begins after a brief introduction and table of contents.

  • World (pages 10-26) - The World section contains information on the various islands of the Island Nations, the 27 True Runes as well as vessels.
  • Knowledge (pages 27-78) - The Knowledge section delves into all manner of in-game mechanics, from naval battles to regular combat, stats, the game's various camera modes, and more.
  • Scenario (pages 79-144) - The Scenario section comprises the game's walkthrough, from beginning to end, making a distinction between optional events and key story events.
  • Map (pages 145-186) - The Map section contains maps from all locations throughout the game, as well as item and recruit locations within each location. It does not include the handful of ship locations temporarily visited in the game.
  • Base (pages 186-220) - The Base section covers all aspects of the Headquarters Ship, including minigames, which characters provide what benefits, and where to find items they will benefit from, such as Window Sets.
  • Character (pages 221-396) - The Character section gives data on all recruitable characters in the game. For battle characters, this includes stat growths, weapon data, and elemental affinity. Basic biographical and recruiting information is also included.
  • Data (pages 397-506) - The Data section holds all enemy data, as well as listings of items, equipment, runes, spells, unites, letters for your comment box, and more.
  • Yarikomi (pages 507-536) - The Yarikomi (やりこみ, Challenges) section goes in-depth on minigames, how to earn large amounts of potch, and also how to quickly level up to 99.
  • Otanoshimi (pages 537-575) - The Otanoshimi (おたのしみ, Fun) section lists extras, easter eggs, and other details, such as the loading screens, optional conversations from bringing certain characters in your party, and other miscellaneous info. It finishes with an interview with the production team, including Kawano Junko, and an index for the guide.
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