Cranach Rugner

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1st Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Cranach Rugner
クラナッハ・ルーグナー, Kuranahha Rūgunā
Unknown (Suikoden II PC).png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Holy Kingdom of Harmonia
Appears in

Cranach Rugner (クラナッハ・ルーグナー Kuranahha Rūgunā) is a character mentioned in background supplements for Suikoden. He was the first Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire.


Cranach Rugner was part of the military aristocracy in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia who revolted against the country during its civil war. He occupied the Holy City of Rupanda, renaming it Gregminster.

With this action, Cranach established the Scarlet Moon Empire, its name stemming from his title as "Knight of the Scarlet Moon", previously bestowed on him by Harmonia.


  • More commonly translated as Kranach Rugner, which is perfectly valid. Cranach may be a reference to Lucas Cranach (ルーカス・クラナッハ), German Renaissance artist. As Cranach is a historical name and also matches the Germanic influence on many Harmonian names it may be a better choice.


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