Rhapsodia Official Guide Complete Edition

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2005 Suikoden Tactics game guide
Rhapsodia Official Guide Complete Edition
ラプソディア公式ガイドコンプリートエディション, Rapusodia Kōshiki Gaido Konpurīto Edishon

Dust sleeve cover
Publisher Konami
Released November 10, 2005
ISBN 4-86155-075-0
Price ¥1429
Pages 400

The Rhapsodia Official Guide Complete Edition (ラプソディア公式ガイドコンプリートエディション, Rapusodia Kōshiki Gaido Konpurīto Edishon) is a game guidebook published and sold by Konami in 2005.

It is a game guidebook that covers gameplay information for Suikoden Tactics. It also contains lore and world information, though it is not the main focus of the book.


The Rhapsodia Official Guide Complete Edition is divided into five main sections, which begins after a brief introduction and table of contents.

  • System (pages 5-24) - The System section delves into all manner of in-game mechanics, from combat, to stats, as well as the general game cycle.
  • Character (pages 25-156) - The Character section contains recruitment, stats, and skills information for all characters in the game, as well as small entries on important NPCs.
  • World (pages 157-170) - The World section showcases all the locations in the game, along with available amenities and items and equipment for sale.
  • Strategy (pages 171-308) - The Strategy section is a chapter-by-chapter guide to every battle in the game. It also includes information on quests, quest battles, and free battles.
  • Data (pages 309-399) - The Data section holds all enemy data, as well as listings of items, equipment, runes, spells, unites, and more. It finishes with an interview with the production team, including Kawano Junko, and an index for the guide.
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