Hodos Village

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Small village of western Ionia
Hodos Village
ホドス村, Hodosu Mura
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Type Village
Nation Holy Empire of Ionia
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Hodos Village (ホドス村, Hodosu Mura) is a location in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. It is a small village that was destroyed in a massive flood roughly 60 years prior to the events of the game.


Hodos Village was a small riverside settlement located north of Martylion. Originally, about 60 years ago (c.HIY 240), a flood caused the dirt embankments to break, and the village was swallowed up by the rising waters. The surviving villagers abandoned the village and moved away, leaving the village submerged.

In HIY 300, in an attempt to maintain the village's bridge across the river, the hero and Regius would use the Era Tree to travel to Hodos Village in HIY 200. Meeting with Heidrake and Wafdi, the group would defeat the beasts preventing the villagers from reenforcing the embankments. More accurately, the creatures provided a convenient excuse to avoid the effort of reinforcing the embankments. Still, Wafdi would ensure the necessary improvements were made.

The new stone embankments allowed the village to survive into HIY 300, though this did not have the intended effect of hindering the Vermilion Axe. The herbalist and village leader Moudi would join the Company upon learning of what they had done to save his village, their efforts having led them to be lauded as the legendary heroes of the village since that time. He would also help evacuate the village in advance of the Vermilion Axe advance.

Later, the Company would travel to HIY 100 to help Ufred defeat beasts there, which the villagers would recall in HIY 200 during the Company's initial visit. Following the fall of the barrier, life in Hodos Village continued apace with Moudi continuing his work there.


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