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Crafted magic crystal used in the Holy Empire of Ionia

Magicite (魔石, Maseki) is a type of magic stone seen in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki. It is needed for magicians to cast magic.


As a magician, it really does help to have a magicite crafter in the family.

—  Rolf Laug

Magicite is created by crafters and is essential for the use of magic. Different types of magicite had different effects, each with their own uses.

Magicite is created by forming a crystal using component ingredients to imbibe it with magical power and fitting it to a practical container or core. If not maintained properly, the crystal will deteriorate, resulting in a faded, fragile, and magically weak piece of magicite.

Compared to the similarly produced malicite, magicite is common throughout the Holy Empire of Ionia. Magicite production generally focuses on elemental attack magic, making it very powerful in the hands of a powerful magician. Magicite research also has a long history extending back from Forne in the present day to the famed Nelvan, author of "A Study of Mathematical Principles in the Formation of Magicite".

Other Starbearer magicite crafter include Ingolf, Nolbanos Nobilious, and Laquila. Nolbanos crafted magicite for Empress Astrid during the HIY 100 Teras Pharma conflict. Laquila produced magicite for the refiant during that same battle. Meanwhile Ingolf crafted magicite for his nephew Rolf Laug during the HIY 200 conflict.

In HIY 300, Gino along with Forne were the magicite crafters for the Company.



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