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ドロモン Doromon

108 Stars Tenken Star
Illustration Hirooka Masaki
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27 (Suikoden Tierkreis)
Family Felecca (sister)
Xebec (brother)
Voice Kanemitsu Nobuaki (Suikoden Tierkreis)

Dromon (ドロモン, Doromon) is a supporting character in Suikoden Tierkreis. Dromon is the eldest of the three Dromon pirates and their leader.


Dromon was the leader of the pirate band named after him. They held a pirate base on Kealohilani Island, in the northern Lonomakua islands.

He was known for his stubbornness and insistence on only targeting the ships of unscrupulous merchants, corrupt nobility, or other, violent pirates.

When Kealohilani disappeared with the emergence of the 9th world, the group moved to the Coastal Cave, having no hideout of their own. When it was revealed why they had no memories of having a hideout, a pretty fundamental part of their pirating life, Dromon struggled to accept the truth and the offer of alliance from the Company. He would eventually relent after his band was defeated in combat.

Dromon was an extremely cheerful and brash person, as refreshing as the salt sea. He was rarely brought to anger; even Numnu's manipulation of the pirate band brought him mirth. Still, he would only take orders from someone stronger than him, hence when the Company had to defeat him in battle to secure his cooperation.

He was also extremely supportive of his siblings. He had previously supported both Xebec's studies in Lonomakua as well as Felecca's training in swordsmanship at a Pharamond private school.

Following the war, Dromon continued as a pirate, helping Hina by punishing evil pirates and merchants in the Lonomakua Chiefdom.


  • Dromon is named after the dromon, a type of galley and the most important warship of the Byzantine navy from the 5th to 12th centuries CE.


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