Recurring stat in the Suikoden series
攻撃, Kougeki
Suikoden Attack (ATK)
Suikoden II Attack (ATT)
Suikoden III Attack (ATK)
Suikoden IV Attack (ATK)
Suikoden Tactics Attack (ATK)
Suikoden V Attack (ATK)
Suikoden Tierkreis Attack (ATK)
Suikoden I&II HD Remaster Attack (ATK)

Attack (攻撃, Kougeki), usually abbreviated as ATT or ATK, is a recurring stat in the Suikoden series that determines the strength of physical attacks.


There are two different, but related, Attack stats in the Suikoden series. One of those is the Attack power of a character's weapon. Meanwhile, a character's Attack power is traditionally the combined total of a character's Strength or Power stat and their weapon's Attack stat.

Other equipment tends to boost the Strength stat, thus boosting the character's Attack stat indirectly. In Suikoden V there is no separate Attack and Strength stats on the status screen, only the total Attack value is shown to the player.

There is no functional hard cap for the Attack stat in the series as it is a combination of many different factors, but one could determine a 'soft cap' by simply combining a max Strength value (traditionally 255) with a fully sharpened weapon (a level 16 axe having 175 ATT in Suikoden II, for example, giving a total of 430 ATT).

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