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Fire mage and daughter of Balandran
ティータ, Tīta
108 Stars ??? Star

Illustration Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro
Gender Female
Race Human
Family Balandran (father)
Appears in

Tita (ティータ, Tīta) is a character in Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro.


Tita was the daughter of the pirate Balandran. She was a bright and honest young girl and spoke politely. She was around the same age as Tosh, enjoying gossiping with Blanche, and was sensitive to the troubles of others.

She helped her father in his crusade as a fire mage and, after becoming a Starbearer, continued to serve as an attack mage, this time for the Star Corps.

In the final battle with the One King, she would reach the top of the Order Pillar alongside her father. Both would be killed.


  1. Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro
Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro
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