Mu Village

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Mu Village

ムーの村 Mū no Mura

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Type Village

Mu Village (ムーの村,Mū no Mura) is a location shown in Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden. It is a small village where Ted lived for a time.


At some point on his journey bearing the Rune of Life and Death, Ted, pursued by Windy's minions, would be found hurt outside a forest by Mu Village. After convalescing in the village, he would fall in love with the young woman who nursed him back to health. Eventually the two would marry. However, some ten years later, with Ted continuing not to age, he made the decision to leave her, continuing his aimless journey.

A short while thereafter, Ted would learn that Mu Village had been wiped out and its population killed. Their right hands had all been cut off, as part of Windy's search for the Soul Eater.


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