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{{{jpname}}}, {{{roname}}}

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This template is used to add a character infobox to a page. To add this template to an article, copy and paste the code below and then fill in the information for each section.

|name=Their English name or closest localization
|jpname=Their name in Japanese
|roname=The romanized version of the Japanese name
|star=Their star, if they are one of the 108 Stars of Destiny
|img=An image of the card
|art=Name of the artist who drew the image
|race=The species of the character
|gender=The gender of the character
|time=For Tsumuji only
|age=The characters age(s) in each of the games they appear in
|dob=Their year of birth in the Solar Year Calendar
|height=Their listed height
|from=The town/region/nation the character is listed as being from
|family=The characters relatives, listed in alphabetical order with the nature of their relationship in parenthesis after each name
|va=The voice actor(s) for the character, with the media form they are voiced in parenthesis