Deployment Step

Card Stories game mechanic

The Deployment Step (派遣・パスステップ, Haken・Pasusuteppu) is a term used in the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG. It is the first step of a battle, forming part of a player's Main Phase.


During the Deployment Step, the player has two options.


New Battle

If the Mission or Facilities card is a new one, it is the opponent who deploys first. They must deploy a Leader card. If they cannot, control passes to the player who played the mission card. If they also cannot, the card is left unresolved until the following turn. Because of this, it is important for players to ensure they have a Leader card on hand before playing Mission or Facilities cards.

Continued Battle

On a Mission or Facilities card that is currently in play, the player may play a Character card from their hand according to the rules of the cards. The alternating player then has an opportunity to dispatch a card and control alternates between the two until one player clears the cards conditions.

Character card effects are to be read and acted upon as soon as they are deployed. Any cards deployed must also make sure not to violate either the Link rules or the Unique Rule.


The player does nothing and skips their turn. The other player gets a chance to deploy. If they cannot, the card remains unresolved. Players can pass even if they have cards they could potentially play. If both players pass, the card is considered unresolved.

Following the Deployment Step

Once the Deployment Step ends, the battle moves onto the Clear Decision Step.


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