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Flik (Card Stories CS2-150).png
Flik (フリック, Furikku) is a character in Suikoden and Suikoden II who also makes a cameo in Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1. Flik is a mercenary who joined the Toran Liberation Army and the New State Army.

Flik is a wandering swordsman. Born and raised in Warriors' Village, Flik left the village on his Trial of Manhood and eventually became a mercenary. After a number of years working as a mercenary, Flik saved Odessa Silverberg from some Scarlet Moon Empire soldiers; enraptured, he quickly joined her cause and eventually became Vice-Commander of the Toran Liberation Army.

Though Flik grew up in Warriors' Village and followed some of their traditions, such as the naming of his sword, he did not frequently return to the village and was not considered to have completed his trial of manhood.

Physically, Flik was said to be a handsome man, a trait that got him unwanted attention from women at times, including with Kimberly, Rina, and Nina. (more...)

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Featured Image

Gremio (Card Stories CS2-164).png

Gensosuikoden Card Stories artwork of Gremio by Kawano Junko. This artwork was used for the card Gremio (CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2 32), a Commoner-class character card from the CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2 expansion.

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