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Gensosuikoden Card Stories (2001) Suikoden III (2002)
Suikoden IV (2004) Suikoden Tactics (2005)
Suikoden V (2006) Gensosuikoden I&II (2006)
Gensosuikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro (2008) Suikoden Tierkreis (2008)
Pachislot Gensosuikoden (2011) Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki (2012)

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Genshu draws his sword on Liu Mei.png
Genshu (ゲンシュウ, Genshuu) is a character in Suikoden II. Genshu is a wandering swordsman who lent his strength to the New State Army.

Genshu was a swordsman obsessed with swords. Genshu was born into the warrior caste in his homeland, along with his younger brother, Tesshu. Together they trained, with Genshu being judged the less talented of the two.

Diving ahead with reckless abandon in an attempt to bridge the gap, Genshu would leave his home village, following a path of increasing his strength by fighting in life-and-death duels, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

However, an incident with a masked challenger would change Genshu's life. (more...)

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Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1 Swordsman of Harmonia Original Soundtrack insert page 10.png

The lyrics to the Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1 opening song, Currents, with artwork of Sierra Mikain, from the insert booklet for the Gensosuikogaiden Vol.1 Swordsman of Harmonia Original Soundtrack.

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