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ウェーブ Uēbu

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27

Wayve (ウェーブ, Uēbu) is a character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Wayve is a Guardian who protects the forests. His favorite food is caramel bars.


Stop bottling it up, brother. If you're having a rough time then spit it out. We're all here for each other.

—  Wayve

Wayve is a toughened Guardian who leads his own command within the group. Marisa and the others trust Wayve implicitly, not merely because of his experience but due to his compassion and sense of protectiveness towards his comrades.

Although a man of few words, he has ample brawn and courage, and always puts his comrades first. More than once, Wayve has risked his life for his colleagues.


According to character designer Kawano Junko, Wayve was a character she had to redraw the face of several times in order to full express the intentions behind the character. As such, Kawano speculated that Wayve must be an important character to Marisa and in the game itself.

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