Seign Kesling

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Seign Kesling

セイ・ケースリング Sei Kēsuringu

Seign Kesling.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 18
From Galdean Empire
Family One older brother (deceased)

Seign Kesling (セイ・ケースリング, Sei Kēsuringu) is a character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Seign is an imperial nobleman of the Galdean Empire. His favorite food is poached eggs.


I can dream all I want, but it won’t change a thing. The world is not that kind. So if the only way to achieve my ideals is to betray them first, then I will do that—unflinchingly. You have my word.

—  Seign Kesling

Seign is the second son of the Imperial noble Kesling house. His older brother died in battle putting down a rebellion on the periphery some time prior, making Seign the heir to the house.

As a talented young officer who excelled at the military academy, Seign would be entrusted with a young squadron ordered to an expedition to track down ancient rune-lenses. During the mission, he would meet and become good friends with Nowa, the two become close confidants.

Seign is a strategist and tends to take a measured view of things. This calm judgment of him sometimes leads to him being accused of coldness but he merely holds his passion deep in his heart.

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