Military Base Recapture (Starter Box & Booster Pack Vol.1 161)

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Military Base Recovery (Booster Pack Vol.1).png
Military Base Recapture


Clear Points: 1 Attack/2500 Soldiers Victory Points: 1/2 VP
This Mission can only be played when opponent has a cleared Mission (excluding Facilities). Whatever Mission clear condition your opponent has won then this mission will reflect that will be applied to this Mission. If your opponent has both, then you choose which condition to use. If the player who played this Mission wins, then they discard one of their opponent's Missions of the same clear condition. Discard your opponent's stationed Characters when this occurs.
Card No. 161 • Illustration Ohtsuki Beruno

Military Base Recapture (拠点奪回, Kyoten Dakkai) is a Mission-type Genso Suikoden Card Stories card. It is part of the Booster Pack Vol.1 expansion and is numbered 161.

Release Information

This card was later re-released, with minor artwork and text changes, as CS2-602/R161 in the To the Promised Land expansion.

Rarity: Common

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