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メロール Merōru

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 12

Mellore (メロール, Merōru) is a character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Mellore is an aspiring magician who has conflated the calling with that of a "magical girl". Her favorite food is chocolate cake.

She was first revealed as a Kickstarter stretch goal at 2.75 million USD on August 2, 2020, although her details were not released until the following day. The goal was met on August 7, 2020.


In the name of love and justice... I am Mellore and I call my magic!

—  Mellore

Mellore is a young girl determined to become a mage and is seemingly dedicated to the task. However, her vision of what a mage is completely differs from the reality. What Mellore envisions is more akin to a "Magical Girl", like the types found in her father's books.

She apparently traveled to New Nevaeh where she is under Gocteau's care. Declaring herself the town's peacekeeper, she would fire a magical blast at CJ and Garoo, damaging the town's bulwark. When she learned the two were not bandits but fully certified adventures, Mellore was very upset.

Garoo would manage to calm her down, explaining that a Magical Girl isn't perfect but should learn from their mistakes, and the group would return to New Nevaeh. There, Mellore apologized to Gocteau with surprising contriteness.

For now, Mellore does her best to live up to the archetype she's constructed though it seems likely she'll figure it out someday.


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