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McDohl (マクドール, Makudōru) is a Mastermind-class character card from Genso Suikoden Card Stories. It is part of the Booster Pack Vol.1 expansion and is the card numbered 001, the first card in the series.

Card Data

McDohl (Starter Box & Booster Pack Vol.1).png



Third Force

One time, as soon as your deck is exhausted, switch your deck and discard piles.
Card No. 001 • Illustration Kawano Junko

Release Information

This card was available from any Booster Pack Vol.1, making it very common, although it was not included in the original Starter Box. It was later re-released, with minor artwork and text changes, as CS2-375/R001 in the To the Promised Land expansion.

Card Text

This Mastermind card holds an ongoing, passive ability. Once per game, if the player were to have exhausted their deck, normally a game-ending situation, the empty deck and discard pile of the player will be switched, effectively doubling their deck size to 100 cards.

This ability can help the viability of deck types that focus on rapid discarding or searching for particular cards to play.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories Game Boy Advance

Card 001

The McDohl card is also card 001 in the Card Stories video game for the Game Boy Advance. Its abilities are identical to the real card and can be obtained after defeating Flik in the nearby woods.

Card 224 is a video game-only glitter Leader version of this card with different stats from the later released Leader-type McDohl cards. Card 237 is a game-only glitter version of the Mastermind-type card and grants Attack +1 and Construction +1 to all third force cards on the field when played. These cards can be purchased for 9920 potch at the Cave of the Wind.

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