Castle of the Dead Countess

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Castle of the Dead Countess

デッドカウンテスの巣くう城 Deddokauntesu no Sukū Shiro

Castle of the Dead Countess.png
Type Castle
Region Allraan continent

The Castle of the Dead Countess (デッドカウンテスの巣くう城, Deddokauntesu no Sukū Shiro) is a location in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.


This castle once belonged to humans, and rumor has it that the castle floats as it does due to the power of a rune-lens cast by a previous ruler.

In time, this castle was abandoned, falling into ruins, and that is when the Dead Countess and her kin took up residence inside, turning it into her lair.

Nowadays, the interior of the castle is still crumbling, but it is said that the top floor where the Dead Countess resides is furnished with luxurious items in far better shape than the castle’s furnishings, and that the undead hordes raided the surrounding territory to obtain them.

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