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BEIGOMA TRAINER JOEY wants to battle!

Beigoma (ベーゴマゲーム, Bēgomagēmu, Beigoma Game) is a minigame in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. It is a pastime in the land of Allraan.


Beigoma is a competitive sport wherein competitors unleash customized spinning tops with the goal of either knocking their opponent's beigoma from a ring, or maintain momentum the longest.

In Allraan, beigoma has been a popular pastime with people of all ages for a long time. Shops in towns sell beigoma starter kits, customization kits, and other various beigoma-related merchandise.

Beigoma players often challenge one another to duels. Skill tournaments are also held.


  • In Japanese, "beigoma" merely refers to the spinning top itself, a top wrapped with a thin cord which is then quickly unwound to generate the required energy and momentum to spin.
  • Beigoma are very similar to, and often conflated with, koma, a similar type of spinning top, to the point that "Koma Beigoma" is a common descriptor. The main distinction is that koma are made of wood whereas the later beigoma are usually made from some form of lead or cast metal.
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