Appraiser (Booster Pack Vol.4 69)

Card Stories card #546
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Appraiser (鑑定師, Kanteishi) is a Facilities type Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG card. It is part of the Booster Pack Vol.4 series and is numbered 546.

Card Data

Appraisal-Bar (Booster Pack Vol.4).png
Appraisal-Bar (Booster Pack Vol.4).png

Clear: 5 CON Block: 7 ATK
Once per turn, instead of your Deployment Step, you may look at your opponent's hand by discarding a Character card stationed at this facility. If you have more than one Appraiser, you may use this effect for each of your Appraiser cards.
Card No. 546 • Illustration Mukaiyama Chieko

Release Information

This was a standard card in Booster Pack Vol.4.


This card was incorrectly printed with the graphic from card 548, Tavern. This appears to have never been corrected.


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