Anabelle (Starter Box & Booster Pack Vol.1 4)

Card Stories card 004
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Anabelle (アナベル, Anaberu) is a Mastermind-class character card from the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG. It is part of the Booster Pack Vol.1 release and is numbered 004.

Card Data


MastermindFemaleFederation Faction Independence Faction

After your Replenishment Phase, you may discard 1 card you drew and draw a replacement.
Card No. 004 • Illustration Ōtsuki Beruno

Release Information

This card was first released as card number 003 in the original Starter Box & Booster Pack Vol.1 release with artwork by Ōtsuki Beruno. It was a Booster Pack Vol.1 card, card number 003 in that set.

It would later receive a Premium Pack version using Suikoden II character artwork from Ishikawa Fumi. Its card text and attributes are identical to the original card. That card is card number 002 of the Premium Pack expansion and card number 259 overall.

This card was later remade for Genso Suikoden Card Stories Chapter II's To the Promised Land expansion as CS2-378/R004 with updated artwork and card text to better reflect its abilities and the changes in the game between the original Genso Suikoden Card Stories and Chapter II.

For Genso Suikoden Card Stories Chapter II purposes, its CS2-378/R004 card text is considered an erratum to the card text listed here, regardless of if a player is using the original or remake card in their actual deck. There are no real differences between the different versions of this card in terms of play, however.

Card Text

This Mastermind card holds an ongoing, passive ability. This card makes it so that after the player's Replenishment Phase, they have the option to discard one card they drew and to draw a replacement.

This ability aids in the searching for specific cards you may need and to reduce the inconvenience of drawing similar or duplicate cards. However, taking advantage of the ability often will cause you to run out of cards faster. Befitting Anabelle's role in Suikoden II, this Mastermind card has camp affiliation with both State Army factions.

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