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ホーガン Hōgan

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Beastman

Hogan (ホーガン, Hōgan) is a supporting character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Hogan is a traveling trader who moved to New Nevaeh, seeing the opportunity for riches there.


Figured I'd make a buck or two by setting up a trading post for 'venturers to trade their wares.

—  Hogan

CJ first met Hogan just outside New Nevaeh where he was being accosted by bandits. Rescuing him, Hogan would guide her to New Nevaeh as thanks.

When CJ chipped her axe in the Quarry, Hogan would bring her to Tatara, the town's smithy. He was an old acquaintance of Garoo and introduced him to CJ, convincing them to work together. Planning to open a trading post in the town's Outlander Lane, Hogan would later recruit CJ's helps in finding the materials required.


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