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Gateway: Locations
The Suikoden series is known for its diverse and interesting locales that players can visit and explore. With ten unique games set in the same world, the land is vast and varied, with many different regions, cities, and towns to discover. Regions have their own unique culture, architecture, and inhabitants.

The locales in the Suikoden series also play an important role in the game's story and characters, as each location is tied to specific characters, events, and conflicts. Exploring the different locations allows players to uncover the game's many secrets and mysteries.

Featured Location
Holy City of Thaksis.png
The Holy City of Thaksis (聖都タクシス, Seito Takushisu) is a location in Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki.

The core of the Holy Empire of Ionia, and its political and culture center, the Holy City of Thaksis administers the entire empire, allocating resources as needed. Soldiers and officials from Thaksis were especially highly regarded for their talents.

Located near the eastern coast, the city is protected to the south by the Great Wall of Achlites, to the west by natural mountains, and to the north by the Great Bridge and the Floating Fortress of Torgia.

It is an immense city, far larger than any other in all the land. With beautiful architecture and many trees lining the streets, the people of Thaksis were immensely proud, if a touch snobbish, about their home. The enormous Yggdrasilian Palace dominated the city's skyline. (more...)

The Infinity
The Infinity (百万世界, Hyakuman Sekai, Million Worlds) is the term used to describe the collection of infinite parallel worlds that link the Suikoden series together following Suikoden V, though references to the concept have existed since Suikoden II. It is a key plot point in Suikoden Tierkreis and Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki.

The Infinity is described as the infinite number of parallel worlds that exist in the overall cosmology. The worlds can both be extremely similar when compared to one another or incredibly disparate. Overall, there can be said to be no universal recurring element. (more...)

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