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ガルー Garū

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Beastman
Age 35

Garoo (ガルー, Garū) is one of the three playable characters in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising who also appears in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Garoo is a veteran ex-mercenary. Promotional trailers title him The Beastman Mercenary.


IF I needed a partner - and that's a big "if," mate - why her?

—  Garoo

Garoo is a veteran ex-mercenary who came to New Nevaeh in search of treasure in the ancient ruins there. A fierce fighter who has come through many life-threatening situations with only his skill, he trusts only the coin in his purse and the sword in his hand.

Garoo had previously met CJ in the Great Forest while examining a pillar there but the two did not become properly acquainted until he came to Tatara's smithy. Hogan would introduce him as a mercenary from his home town, something Garoo would downplay.

Hogan would eventually convince Garoo to work alongside CJ. Although the two often clashed due to CJ's naivety and Garoo's more cynical approach, the two worked well together. In the Quarry, it was Garoo who talked Mellore into returning to New Nevaeh and apologizing for damaging the town's bulwark.

After defeating the Mineral Golem there, Garoo was excited by the value of the raw lens found there (roughly 200,000 baqua) but also concerned about the type of person who'd desire to own such a potentially powerful artifact.


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