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フリーダ Furīda

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human

Frida (フリーダ, Furīda) is a supporting character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising. Frida is an armorer who moved to New Nevaeh, seeing the potential of the town.


Little Isha was kind enough to let me have this place, but... Well, you tell me. Kind of a fixer-upper, wouldn't you say?

—  Frida

Frida is a likeable, lively armorer who was drawn to New Nevaeh's potential to be a vibrant new town. As the town needed an armorer, she was able to set up shop in the town's Outlander Lane with Isha's permission.

CJ and Garoo were able to find the paints she needed to spruce up her store, allowing Frida to officially open up shop. From there, she would work to upgrade armor, something of great help to any explorer.


  1. Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
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