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カバナ Cabana

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Beastman
Age 32
Family Pyba (son)

Cabana (カバナ, Cabana) is a character in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Cabana is a master springdigger. His favorite tipple is strawberry milk.


Ah, well lookie who’s here! Have a soak, friends. Sink right up to your chinny-chins, and don’t forget to count to a hundred.

—  Cabana

As master springdiggers, Cabana and his people make a living by traveling from land to land, discovering hot springs and turning them into popular tourist destinations. He and his capy-kin are quite fond of a good soak themselves.

Cabana is also a stickler for the rules and expects everyone to follow proper hot spring etiquette at all times.

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